Roll Out Your Change with Us

Change management is about steering your organization along a careful path to achieve the goals you want.

At Actee, we manage change from a process perspective, helping you deal with challenges in the best way possible through the different phases of the change. Too many companies and organizations fail to achieve their change objectives – the focus on the end goal becomes so dominant that many ignore the vitally important people side of change.

Because it is the people who will have to make the change in order for a new way to be anchored in the culture, we prioritize the employee’s role and adaptation to change.

Therefore, our method is all about:

  • progressing the change (in line with the overall goals), whilst
  • helping management take the right decisions at the right time, and
  • keeping an important focus on the people side of change with all the natural reactions including resistance to change, which occur in such turbulent situations.

Change Management Games & Tools

You can use our change management game and tools for all your change programs.

Many people need help to plan and manage an extensive change program, or perhaps need some effective tools to motivate and get the buy-in needed from co-workers to implement change.

If that sounds familiar, you might like to check out our simulation game ActeeChange, which comes with a range of learning tools that can be combined and tailored to fit your specific needs when planning and implementing change.

Find out how you can get started with a different approach to learning that will support you in your change management endeavours: