Let's Learn and Co-Create Value Together

Our learning concepts are used by many leading Danish and international companies as well as public organizations and educational institutions. For about 10 years, we have been the leading provider of simulated learning within organizational and leadership development, change communication and change processes. Our learning games and tools are used in workshops and dynamic learning activities at the workplace and within education. In this way, we are bringing practical, action-based knowledge to education, and introducing essential theory into everyday practice at the workplace, where we facilitate comprehensive learning programs and organizational transitions with our partners and users.

Our users range from large companies to one-man businesses and we collaborate with a global network of certified consultants. We are constantly working on generating new material and sharing new perspectives with our users.

From 2018, we are venturing into a new era of advanced co-creation. We have enhanced our platform to become even more flexible and user-friendly and have opened it up so users can pick, choose and combine games and tools for customized learning processes. Furthermore, users can now design their own game-scenarios built on new theories, incorporating their own research and case-stories.


Work with Us

Would you like to advance the learning program in your organization or company? Do you need a new approach to motivate change at the workplace? We might just have the hub of learning tools you need to achieve your goals.

Organizations and large international enterprises use our hub to roll out big-scale changes, ensuring management alignment, improving leadership and cultivating a common language and values across the organization, to scale up results and to reinforce achievements.


Educate with Us

Would you like more efficient learning with more involvement and engagement? We are always interested in cooperating with educational institutions on dynamic learning environments. Our simulation games address transformations at the workplace; this gives our users at universities and other educational institutions a unique chance to simulate reality and learn by connecting theories with real-life dilemmas in the workplace.

As part of the instruction, our learning games are perfect for sparking student involvement, reflection and discussion as well as triggering the imagination. Our learning games build bridges between theory and practice thereby preparing students for the job market.

Besides benefiting from prepared game-scenarios, our hub also enables all users – teachers and students, either in groups or individually – to design their own game-scenarios and tools. Building a new game-scenario could be part of an internship, where the student connects learned theory with on-the-job working experience. It could be presented as part of the educational thesis work – and as a learning product for the workplace. Alternatively, a study group could build a lesson for their fellow students – perhaps facilitated by their instructor. There are so many possibilities depending on the value you want to generate in the education.


Become a Partner

Our partners represent us in business sectors across the globe where they facilitate and co-create engaging game-based learning. Typically, our partners are experienced consultancies who advise and work within learning, change and development.

Are you interested in collaborating with us to create high value learning and development processes with your customers? Then we might be on the lookout for you. It is important to understand that our partners are carefully selected for their strength in the field of innovative learning and digital transformation. As a partner and hub super user you will be the primary contact of the customers, where you will design and drive the learning and development processes. You will certify others, and you will be featured on our website. The work related to growing the markets and marketing activities is a joint effort. As a partner, you are responsible for your own customers and processes, which includes system support.

All Partners Collaborating with Us:

  • have substantial experience with delivering knowledge consultancy to different industries
  • are considered specialists in the field of learning and development
  • maintain a high degree of ethics and confidentiality
  • have a bold approach to building applicable learning designs
  • have an approach with a starting point in the everyday practice at the workplace


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