Practice for Your Everyday Worklife

We see gamification as a way of creating engaging learning and development at the heart of the workplace. 

To us, gamification means applying game elements to everyday learning activities. We develop simulation games by combining respected theories and methods with real business cases to create truly engaging workplace learning. 

Learning and development can be fun! And we believe that learning is far more effective, when we are active and involved. It is our experience that the mix of theory with relatable situations and dilemmas - where you are an active decision maker - produces high levels of engagement.

Our ideas are built on game thinking and we use elements such as online simulations and physical boards that make the learning interactive, relatable and far more applicable to reality.

If you are interested in working with gamification for better workplace learning, you can get started right away with our 'ready to use' games and scenarios. If you get a taste for learning with gamification, you can go on to develop your own customized games using our platform. 



Our Approach

The foundation stone for our gamification approach is the 70:20:10 learning model developed by Eichinger and Lombardo. According to this model, 70% of what we learn, we learn at the workplace by doing, working and experiencing.

Therefore, our philosophy is to optimize this by moving learning closer to the workplace and practical everyday life, while not forgetting the importance of a theoretical approach to ensure important reflective practice as well as a fruitful dialogue.

Check out how you can get started with a different approach to promote learning through game and simulation technology: