Organization Development - Be ready for change

We believe organizational development should be a natural ongoing process. Therefore, we have developed and co-created simulation games that build on recognized theory and incorporate real business cases.

We have found our games and tools soon become part of the way those who use them approach their own organizational development.

Using our hub with its simulation games and tools, organizations are able to roll-out large-scale changes together with extensive learning programs. Actee enables our users to design a learning and development program perfectly matched to a single department. Once piloted, this can then be scaled up to transform the entire organization on a global scale. Big impact, low risk!

As an example, Telenor is using our platform to drive global transformation projects that work well in different country departments from Scandinavia to Asia. Leaders across Telenor use customized games and tools as part of their action plan to cascade changes in their local organizations.

Read more about how Telenor use the hub as a global theme for change.

Check out how you can get started with a different approach to promote learning that support your organizational development: