Engaging Learning at the Workplace

At Actee, we specialize in workplace learning and organizational development and have collaborated with others  to develop a wide range of games and tools that can be combined to design your perfect workplace learning event. 

Everything we do is centered on building motivation - it’s a simple fact of life that learning is so much more effective when we are really engaged and involved. 

So, would you like to try a new way to motivate learning? We can provide you with the platform that enables you to:

  • design activity-based learning before a workshop,
  • explore different simulation techniques and engaging tools to use during a workshop, as well as
  • access elements for reinforcing learning and change after a workshop. 

As a user, you can design and facilitate your own learning activities, but if you’d like a helping hand, we co-operate with a network of skilled consultants and facilitators who we can introduce to you. 

Check out how you can get started with a different approach to workplace learning.