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    Game builder introduction Masterclass
  • Dates
    September 12th and 16th 2022
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    Teams online meeting
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Game builder introduction Masterclass

The process of the masterclass

This is the structure of the 4 modules.


1. Homework (2 hours)

Decide on the game you want to work with.

You need to have played the game enough to know the gameboard, the movement structure, and game elements like comments, theory, and end data.

In brief, play the game, you want to work with 5 times. (Choose a short game)

Think about a storyline you like to add to your game.

If you want to be a specialist, then have look at the you tube series on how to build a game Click Here


2. Get started with the game builder. (2 hours online)

Intro to the game builder

Start your storyline / the friction

Adding people to your game

Chapter structure


3. Homework second part (2 hours)

Adding the theory to the system

Adding graph

Adding pros and cons to the profile section under the theory.


4. The movement (2 hours) 

We look at the elements you can influence.

Creating options

Your friction and the issues in your story, how to use the movement to create friction   

The problems the story/friction causes relate to your theory choice for your game

Wrap up and next step.


You will leave with:

The knowledge and experience to build your own game

A draft of your own game

You will be able to work your way and finalize your new game

You will know how theories are connected to the game

You will be able to create your own data and profiles for your players on your game


Our support will always be able to guide you further.


The facilitator will be:

Leif Sørensen CEO of Actee

See more here LinkedIn Profile here!


The practicalities:

The masterclass will be online.


We run the session over the same week.

Module 1 - Homework Prepare (2 hours)

Module 2 - 12th. September 2022 - 9am -11am UTC+1 

Module 3 - Homework second part (2 hours)

Module 4 - 16th. September 2022 - 9am -11am UTC+1


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Only 10 seats.

Fee 595€