Smart Learning Games for Your Consultancy

Take your consultancy to the next level of customer engagement by introducing them to smart, fun and involving learning games and tools. 

Use pre-designed simulation games to drive engaging learning sessions with your customers - or design customized games with the GameBuilder to fullfill the specific needs of the business or organization you are advising. Make complex theories stick and build a learning bridge from the training session to the practical reality by facilitating action-based simulation games. 


Work with Learning Games in Your Consultancy:

Actee Partner Admin

The Actee 'Partner Admin Module' is a working space for our consultancies. The Partner Admin Module gives you access to a range of tools and games, and it is possible to design sessions and games in this working space. It is free of charge to access and use the Partner Admin Module when you work as a consultant or learning designer - and you can get started as soon as your access has been approved in the Actee system.

The deal is that you, as a user of the Partner Admin Module, do not pay for working on your platform where you can prepare learning sessions, design and play games. 

When you engage or are engaged by a business client to drive learning sessions, the client can invite you into their Company Hub. In this way, your Partner Admin Module will connect to the Company Hub, where you can share any game design you may have or drive a specific session, you have prepared on your Partner Admin Module. 


Collaborating with Customers

When you have the number of participants and an idea of the tools you need for the learning session you will have two ways to pay:

> Your client pays

> You pay for your client

See our prices here!

> You might be working with a customer who already has a subscription with us.

If this is the case you just start adding the tools to your design and do not think of the payment since this is taken care of.


Working in a Client's Hub

To grant access to a Company Hub you need to be invited by a Superuser of the hub (often the subscription owner). 

It is a simple process and you will be guided through when designing your learning process.


Free Demo Games for all Users

Don´t forget it is free for all to create a user on the Actee hub to try out our games. On the Actee Hub you will find a display of games, where we have picked out some demos for you to try. 

Enjoy the ride and let´s change the world through workplace learning.