Let's Learn and Co-Create Value Together

Our learning concepts are used by many leading Danish and international companies as well as public organizations and educational institutions. For about 10 years, we have been the leading provider of simulated learning within organizational and leadership development, change communication and change processes. Our learning games and tools are used in workshops and dynamic learning activities at the workplace and within education. In this way, we are bringing practical, action-based knowledge to education, and introducing essential theory into everyday practice at the workplace, where we facilitate comprehensive learning programs and organizational transitions with our partners and users.

Our users range from large companies to one-man businesses and we collaborate with a global network of certified consultants. We are constantly working on generating new material and sharing new perspectives with our users.

From 2018, we have ventured into a new era of advanced co-creation. We have enhanced our hub to become even more flexible and user-friendly and have opened it up so that users can pick, choose and combine games and tools for customized learning processes. This also means that users now can design their own games built on new theory, incorporating their own research and case-stories.

Check out our current partners, who facilitate learning and development with our games and tools in businesses and organizations in a range of countries: