• Name:
    Communication Facilitator
  • Date:
    28th and 29th of March
  • Days:
    2 days
  • Language::
  • Location:
  • Price:
    1000 euros

Communication Facilitator

Better Professional Communication with ActeeCommunication

ActeeCommunication is a playful and intuitive learning and communication concept, which makes it easy to reflect on your own practice and analyze effect, intention, and action when communicating with citizens and other stakeholders. The tools help ensure that the organization’s goals are reached and heighten your awareness of how to handle the contact with citizens and companies in different situations. You gain access to a concept which has a solid theoretical foundation, has a high degree of participant involvement and a focused communication tool with a wide range of applications.

Learn to Communicate with Style:

•    The theories behind the concept - and more awareness of your communication style repetoire
•    To facilitate the different learning aspects of the concept
•    To work with your own specific projects by using the effect board
•    To work with realistic game simulations
•    To build a teaching session based on ActeeCommunication.

The Game Tool to Develop Your Communication Skills:

•    Give you new methods easily applicable to your daily work
•    Give your team and your organization a common language on the effect of different communication styles
•    Strengthen your profile as a leader, employee or consultant
•    Enable you to ensure the quality of communication within your area
•    Enable you to facilitate team and individual feedback

Download a pdf with all the course modules here.

Is ActeeCommunication for Me?

A certification in ActeeCommunication is aimed at professionals, who are responsible for communication with citizens, team leaders, independent consultants, internal consultants in both the private and public sector and key employees, who can act as ambassadors in implementing a higher quality in the dialogue with citizens or other relevant stakeholders.

Join the Course in Copenhagen:

Maximum 18 participants on the course
Location: Copenhagen
The course will be in Danish

7900 DKK + VAT for a two-day course.
Included in the price is a light lunch, as well as 3 months of access to the Actee Hub with a wide range of tools and games.

The course is facilitated by consultants from our partner Potentialehuset. Therefore, when you press the Sign Up button, you will be re-directed to their webpage.