Direct Demo

Hey, we are so glad you are here. A free demo without you having to type in credit card information - sounds good, right?

And we would love to give you a tour. 

It is so easy and you DON’T need us at all. Two simple steps and you are ready to go.

Step 1: Find a game
Go to the games page
Start any game

Step 2: Register
Setup your account, free of charge and accept our terms of use.

Activate the demo and start playing.

You have 2 hours to enjoy any game or tool. Don’t forget to check the data section, it's pretty cool!

If you like to keep playing after the 2 hours - just subscribe and you will become one of the coolest Actee´vists on earth.

You can even challenge your network and friends on their leadership skills, when you have finished a game and gotten your own score.

Kind regards and good karma

The Actee Team