Efficient Educational Games

"We consider using educational games even more in our teaching, because it’s a different way to learn and it seems extremely efficient. The gameplay and the process of using the tool activates the students, and according to our lecturers the students understand it, because they have used it – the learning isn’t just theory based and this fact makes a big difference."

André Omø Agerholm
Amanuensis, DTU

Combines Theory and Practice

"At CBS we use ActeeChange to illustrate different dynamics and to discuss scenarios within Change Management. The game is based on some specific Management Change theories, which illustrate the thoughts that derive from the theories.  It is a sensible game considering the theoretical assumptions behind it. The game is interactive and combines practice with theory, which contributes to heighten the quality of the teaching."

Steffen Löfvall,
Ph.D., senior consultant, CBS

Strengthened Skills

"ActeeLeadership provides the students with a greater value from the teaching. We dig deeper into the practical matters than by traditional teaching, and it definitely increases their skills, which they concretely can use in their future jobs. If I was in a situation of recruitment, where they demonstrated these skills it would significantly strengthen their chances."

Finn Bech Andersen
External teacher at CBS and SDU

Operational Understanding

"ActeeChange provides the students with an operational understanding, they get practical experience and thereby an insight into, which consequences their actions can have. It works significantly better than traditional teaching where the teacher writes theoretical concepts on the black board, and where the teaching process relies on whether they can remember it. At Aalborg University we will rather teach the students to solve problems. ActeeChange gives them the opportunity to solve a simulated problem, which is almost as good as if it was a real problem."

Thomas Duus Henriksen
(M. Sc. in Psychology, PhD, EBA.) 
Associate professor, Aalborg University


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