Education Subscription

With an annual subscription at the university, instructors and students have a unique opportunity of customizing learning processes, which can be tailored for specific situations and learning objectives, and which is also scalable to benefit large numbers of users.

For the active university, this means that the instructors can use their hub to create tailored courses – both by applying generic game scenarios and tools, but also with the opportunity of developing or co-creating new game scenarios with theories relevant for the given subject, class and learning aim.

From the hub, an unlimited number of your users (students and instructors with university-emails) can access all Actee's digital games and tools. This includes a range of scenarios with learning themes - for example within strategic change management or leadership development. Furthermore, teachers and students can access the GameBuilder to build new scenarios, and the DataModule, which enables you to see users and results of the use of your hub.


Subscription, Yearly

Minimum 12 mo./3000 Euro
  • Unlimited access for all active students and instructors
  • Access to all games and tools
  • SessionBuilder and other facilitation tools
  • Game customisation w/ GameBuilder
  • Access to support
  • White label hub setup
  • Private label toolbox
  • One superuser included (which can edit the hub)