• Theory: Mauer Resistance, Maurer Theory, The Leavitt Model, Daniel Goleman, Adkar Model, Kotter Theory, Management or Leadership
  • Languages: English (US)
  • Duration: Multiplayer (facilitated): Min. 4 hours. Singleplayer: 1 hour
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New CRM - Create Desire & Ability

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This scenario is about the changes it brings to implement a new comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in the “Sales Company”.

As the leader of a sales team, you’re playing an important role in the implementation of the system in daily operations. The new system will change and affect the company on many levels: Structures and procedures will be changed, and with the introduction of the new system, the focus on financial results and performance of the individual employee will also increase.

The Sales Company has sales teams across 35 countries and has been a leading player for quite some years. This position, however, has been challenged by external forces such as new competitive products and a decrease in demand from existing customers.

Your sales team has been using an old CRM system specially developed for their needs, but this system is not enough for an international company to follow modern standards.

It is now your responsibility to lead your colleagues through the process that such a change is. The game is based on “Destination CRM” but with the inclusion of the ADKAR-framework.

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