• Theory: Communication Style, Daniel Goleman
  • Languages: Danish,English (US)
  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
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Parent Cooperation

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This case is about parent-cooperation in the daycare. In the game, you have the role of a pedagogical leader, where you work with a balance of managing the interests of the employees, the children and their comfort, as well as communication and cooperation with the parents.
In the parent-cooperation case, you will work with a dilemma about the balance between sustaining the good dialogue with the parents of Tulle, a child in the daycare who doesn’t thrive, and at the same time ensuring that you act to help Tulle to improve her situation.

Use the game to improve the professional communication and dialogue with the different stakeholders you meet in your daily practice in the daycare, kindergarten, nursery, or school - wherever you are in contact with kids and their parents. The game will make you more aware of the importance of ‘how’ you communicate a message and ‘what’ it means to initiate a dialogue with different styles of approach. You can use the game to improve your own communication skills as well as to pass the learning on to your colleagues and employees to improve your common communication in practice.

Please let us know if you want it available in another language.

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