• Theory: Mauer Resistance, Maurer Theory, The Leavitt Model, Daniel Goleman, Kotter Theory, Management or Leadership
  • Languages: English (US),Danish,Dutch,Finnish,French
  • Duration: Multiplayer (facilitated): Min. 4 hours. Singleplayer: 1 hour
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Restructuring and Synergies

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Restructuring and Synergies is about the complex change process of restructuring an organization. You are working in the corporation “Your Money A/S”, which is one of the largest companies within the financial sector in the country. The scenario takes place just after a reorganization has taken place within the company. You have been given a new position as the manager of the IT-Operations department and you must lead your 10 employees through the change process that naturally occurs when you are repositioned in new jobs and in new work structures. The purpose of the reorganization is to create new synergies between the different functions in the IT-department. Up until now, IT has been organized in sections, carrying out tasks within development, operation and support. Over time, the divide between the sections has increased and this has affected the flexibility of collaboration and the ability to create a unified image of IT. Through a reorganization process, the goal now is to create synergies and transparent work processes and making sure the department has a clear profile in the organization.

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