• Theory: Communication Style, Daniel Goleman
  • Languages: Danish,English (US)
  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
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Sarah in the System

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Welcome to the ActeeCommunication case: Sarah in the system - a game about municipal communication processes and the care of placed young people. The case takes place at a place of residence for young people in Denmark. In the simulation you have the role of an employee at the residence and contact person for Sarah - one of the volunteers placed young. As an employee and contact person, it is your responsibility to follow the development plan for Sarah and make sure that it is followed up on it. However, the management has chosen to work with a systematic and recovery-based approach and has initiated a training course for all employees. Sarah is one of the recent-coming residents and she is having a hard time. One day, she may seem trapped and distant and the next day she may be outgoing and potentially hurt herself. It is, therefore, determined that she would benefit from being hospitalized. How will you communicate with the various contacts in relation to the hospitalization of Sarah?

There are two goals to be achieved during this case:

a) Make sure Sarah strengthens her development so she can complete her education.

b) Ensure that Sarah's overall well-being is continously improving.

How will you approach the situation?

Please let us know if you want it available in another language.

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