• Theory: Daniel Goleman
  • Languages: English (US),Danish,Swedish
  • Duration: Multiplayer (facilitated): Min. 4 hours. Singleplayer: 1 hour
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The Conflict

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The construction company you work for has been a major player in its domestic market for a very long time. Over a 20-year period, the company has acquired smaller construction companies and combined them to create a very powerful (though somewhat complex) industry stakeholder. Over the past two years, the company’s focus has become more and more international, which has resulted in both the company performing several projects abroad and in more foreign employees working on projects in the company’s domestic market.

The employees are a very heterogeneous group whose levels of experience differ greatly and who come from a variety of small business cultures from the acquired companies. This means that their views on responsibility and cooperation differ greatly, and therefore different management initiatives may be required in relation to the various employees.

Your task is to get the employee group to work together and take joint responsibility. You must also implement the project efficiently and in such a way that you make an impression as a manager in relation to the employees, the management and the client.

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