• Theory: Workplace learning, Mauer Resistance, Co-creation Theory, Maurer Theory, The Leavitt Model, Daniel Goleman, Kotter Theory, Management or Leadership
  • Languages: English (US)
  • Duration: Singleplayer: 30 min. Multiplayer (facilitated): Min. 2 hours.
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The Top Dollar Learning Platform

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As the Head of Learning in the company Top Dollar Learning, it is your role to convince the rest of the management, that the implementation of a new and very expensive Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is needed.

Some of them have already been convinced that the change is needed and are very welcoming towards the LXP. But some are still quite negative towards the idea of a new smart and expensive system for learning. How do you get them all onboard the change?

The game is about management, leadership change, and the dilemmas that follow naturally in a change process.

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