• Theory: Daniel Goleman
  • Languages: English (US),Danish,Swedish
  • Duration: Multiplayer (facilitated): Min. 4 hours. Singleplayer: 1 hour
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In Turbulence, you are a department manager dealing with several restructuring processes in a large company.

In order to adapt to the turbulent times, your company has been forced through several substantial restructurings over the last few years.

One change is barely implemented before the next happens, and you have just been informed about strategic measures which have enormous implications for your department.

You have just come from an urgent meeting with the company’s executive management team where you have been briefed about several strategic decisions with far-reaching implications for your department and colleagues.

The demand is that you can implement the changes in your department with no loss in performance and with no extra costs.

The employees are certain to experience this as just another major change like those they know all too well. Although there will be different reactions, you should expect that the change will meet resistance and lack of motivation.

The scenario presents different styles of leadership throughout the game, you will gain insights into your own leadership profile and be able to improve how you use different styles of leadership in your job position.

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