Actee Book Release 25th of February

Actee is releasing its first book – The Cycle of Change – to the world!

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About The Book

Strategies for organizational change is more important than ever. Technology development, market movements, changing customer demands, and societal conditions changes how organizations can operate with rapid speed. To turn the Supertanker operating organizations to new directions is a crucial challenge for both private and public organizations. In the slipstream of this, a demand for interactive and dynamic training sessions for leaders, change agents, internal process developers, external consultants and similar, is growing fast. Training needs to happen fast and in higher numbers - scaling is vital. Online simulations with a strong system engine and flexible options is a favourable way forward.

The book guides the reader systematically through how to apply learning in change situations, the application of core practice-based change theories, and how to transfer the learning from the game simulator to everyday workplace. This book, Cycle of Change, is the result of thoroughly investigated practice-based knowledge in combination with a scalable game simulator that has become a leading learning bank for online training sessions in organizational change and other themes related to Workplace learning content.

The cycle of Change is the first book in the Workplace Learning Series published by Actee. The series provides rich content on workplace learning matters of vital importance and guidelines to how this can be transformed into online game-based training sessions.

About The Authors

Leif Sørensen

Leif Sørensen has a degree as a clothing craftsman. In the field of gamification and workplace learning, Leif has become a world frontrunner voice. He also holds a business diploma in organizational development from the University of Southern Denmark and a master in Adult Learning and Organizational Design from the University of Aarhus - Denmark. Leif is writing books' blogs and paper's, do keynotes and have done a TEDx on the theme inspire learning. Leif has executed, developed, and designed learning journeys including games for the last 15 years. Global companies and consultants all over the world are creating value using the game platform Leif have developed called Actee.

Sune Gudiksen

Sune Gudiksen is an associate professor at Design School Kolding in the intersection between design, innovation and organizational change. He is a specialist in the application of play approaches, game techniques and simulations in training and learning. He has created a series of impactful innovation and training games for organizational development and done research into the outcomes of these processes. He has published in internationally leading journals and written several books. He is a co-founder of the successful annual CPH Change conference and has worked with a long list of private and public companies on change efforts.

The Event

February the 25th 2021 From 3 pm to 5 pm. (CET +1)
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The Agenda

Intro to ‘Cycle of change’ by the authors of the book

The book - Actee used as a gaming learning platform.

Intro to the created game "Customer first". From EU-Gamify game made by Sune Gudiksen and Generali. We put a spot on the game development process.

Test the new game from above "Customer first" This game session will be conducted by one of our experienced game partners Ian Sturgess (UK) here are a few words on Ian:

“Ian is operating as a Strategic Senior Associate at The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Ian has worked with teams across a broad spectrum of the industry including Godiva, Grundfos, Givaudan, Unilever, Coca Cola and Volvo. As a Senior Consultant at Change Leadership & Partners (CLP), he works with clients such as Roche, ERGO and ZF. He also works with a number of private clients”.

Using Actee as a learning tool - Why and how This session will be run by the people development team from Hempel:

Kristina Kreiner - Leadership development manager, coach, facilitator, HR Partner and project manager

Tina (Nyborg) Guldager - Head of Training Delivery

Jesper Nielsen - Head of Training Development

25 min Q&A (if not already used)

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EU-gamify project