Changes are crazy times for most of us.

We need to do everything in a new way, and we need to get started now and get out of the dark as Rick Maurer would say.

At Actee want to inspire and we want you to inspire others as well. This calls for an engaging learning spaces allowing creativity to direct us into the new space of digital learning and gaming. 

One of our ways have been to give free crash courses and game builder workshops ( But we don’t think this is enough.

Let´s together create a Digital Collaboration Festival #acteedfc in the next 4 weeks and include every interesting subject and tool we know of to inspire our hemisphere of consultancy, school and learning. Let’s inspire and support each other.


We suggest offering free 60 min courses to ease any transition to the digital space.

We cannot do this without you, and we need you to contribute to the agenda. We want to move with a high pace and if possible, include fun ways of learning by using the tools you know. Just in a digital space.

This is the set up:  

-You have an idea including a tool you like to test online with a group of participants.

-You can get 60 minutes slots at any day and time.

-Send us the following on


-A description


-The outcome for the participants

-The agenda for the 60 min

-The tool you want to use/demo/show

-The collaboration tool you want to work with (skype, teams, zoom, adobe or alike) in REMEMBER TO INCLUDE A LINK.  

-The date and time

-Your name + homepage if any  


Any session you like to test and share, we will offer you free access to all our clients by adding a 60 min online workshop on our homepage.

Se an example below:


What are your suggestions? Write us an email.  


The Actee´vists