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At CBS we use ActeeChange to illustrate different dynamics and to discuss scenarios within Change Management. The game is based on some specific Management Change theories, which illustrate the thoughts that derive from the theories.  It is a sensible game considering the theoretical assumptions behind it. The game is interactive and combines practice with theory, which contributes to heighten the quality of the teaching.

Variation in the Teaching Methods

ActeeChange helps to create variation in teaching methods, which has a positive effect on the learning process. We can measure that it results in a better learning effect to use a game as ActeeChange, among other things because the students spend more time on their course when games are a part of the teaching. This is due to the fact that they have to learn about the game, read the manual, play some rounds and discuss the next moves in the game.

Open and Constructive Atmosphere

We have an ongoing dialogue with Actee and the negotiation about the different models of license happened in an open and constructive atmosphere and made it possible to land a beneficial deal for both parts.

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Steffen Löfvall,

Ph.D., senior consultant


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