Stimulates and Challenges

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ActeeChange is highly engaging and activating. This is partly due to the physical element of the game in which players move the pieces around and consider where to put them. The players have to use their arms and legs, which is far more stimulating than if they just sat passively listening or doing the usual kind of group work. This inherent quality of ActeeChange is what drives the game, and it contains a number of challenges that are appropriate for our employees.

A New Way of Talking to one Another

ActeeChange is metaphorical in that it deals with a boat and whether players are on board or not. It’s a situation that players can easily understand. They immediately grasp the metaphor and adopt a mode of expression in which they continuously refer to being on board or falling behind in relation to the boat. The players simply begin to talk to one another in an entirely new way.

Courses Generate Dividends

We receive a high percentage of positive feedback from employees who have taken part in the courses. Many of them have informed us that they actively use ActeeChange to work with their own employees and resistance levels after completing the courses. They put their new perspective into practice in their own projects and management problems.

Meeting Players on Their own Ground

In their courses, Actee is skilled at meeting players on their own ground and relating to their specific issues. And we feel that we have top priority. We encounter a great deal of cooperation and flexibility in terms of accommodating our wishes and requirements, and we experience excellent dialogue and partnership with Actee during the process.


Gunnar Tindborg,

Learning and Development Manager,


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