• Theory: Mauer Resistance, Complexity Theory, Maurer Theory
  • Languages: Danish
  • Duration: Multiplayer (facilitated): Min. 4 hours. Singleplayer: 1 hour
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Complexity in the Job Centre

Lassen Sie sich von einem unserer zertifizierten Consultants helfen, mit Beratung und Inspiration


This simulation concerns the complex responsive processes that are present in any type of organizational change. The simulation applies a focus on the change paradoxes and the interpersonal relations between all stakeholders in a change process. Based on the theory of complexity your role in this scenario is to successfully make employees from two separate departments work together and make use of the synergies that occur at the job centre, “Grønnedal”. 
The scenario helps you rethink management and focus on concrete processes at the workplace instead of constantly thinking in strategies. The player will be introduced to four different competencies that relate to the insights of complexity theory, which helps the leader focus on important processes within organizational change management and leadership.

The game is currently only available in Danish. Please let us know if you need it in your prefered language.

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