• Theory: Communication Style, Daniel Goleman
  • Languages: Danish
  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
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Stakeholders on the Main Road

Lassen Sie sich von einem unserer zertifizierten Consultants helfen, mit Beratung und Inspiration


At the Centre for Technique and Environment, you have received an application from a local real estate agent, who wants permission on behalf of an import company to reconstruct a building by the main road. The application contains several problems and is in dispute with the district plan. Despite the problems, the company is expected to create new job opportunities. Now you, in the roles of different stakeholders, must ensure that dialogue is improved between citizens, companies and the municipality. There are several stakeholders to take into consideration. How will you handle the communication in this case in order to reach your goals?

The scenario is only available in Danish for now. Please let us know if you want it translated.


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