Check out the Actee Journey infographic.

The Actee Journey illustrates how our consultant partners engage with their customers and create value driving processes and supporting organizational development by bringing engaging learning games to the table:


If you want to start working with our games and tools then you are only a few steps away:

  1. Log in here  
  2. Hit the "Create Partner module" and follow the steps (free of charge). 
  3. Create a session (a learning session including games and tools you want to use)
  4. Decide what plan you want to be on (or your client) 
  5. Start the session (workshop, online session, e learning session or..)

Best of luck and remember we are here to help, chat directly with us from the chat on this page. Or hit the FAQ page from the upper right menu. 

We highly treasure our consultant partners - and we see the great value of customer reach and engagement that arises when our partners bring our learning games and tools with them as part of their service. 

Interested in learning more about all the games and tools you can use to create value with customers in your consultancy? Check out more: