Send out surveys with ChangeMeter

    The ChangeMeter gives you valuable insights about your stakeholders' views on the change process

    Use the ChangeMeter to compare your own understanding with your recipients' (e.g. employees', team members') understanding of where you are in a process or with a specific change project. You will hereby reveal if there is a GAP between your take on the situation and if there are some aspects you need to pay more attention to going forward in the change process.



    The ChangeMeter consists of 6 questions focusing on aspects relevant to concur in a change process. For example, as a leader or a project leader you can send out the ChangeMeter to your employees or project team members to get a better understanding of where you are in the process. Answer the 6 questions of the ChangeMeter and send the same questions to your recipients. Thus, you will be able plan your work efforts on a more informed basis and you will operate with an increased insight about what your team or employees need from you.

    Or read a short guide on how to use the ChangeMeter in our FAQ.