Games for ActeeChange

    Welcome to ActeeChange games.

    In this concept the game scenarios are about change management: How to drive a change process, while leading your stakeholders.

    What do I gain from it?
    Before pilots can fly with real passengers, they train for thousands of hours in a flight simulator. They must both try to fly in a fictional storm, handle communication with the control tower, and practice staying the course. You can view ActeeChange as your change management simulator. And it does not matter that you crash a couple of times along the way. For each time you play, you become wiser in regards to how your employees respond to the choices you make and which actions works best in the different phases of a change. 

    You will get an insight into the DNA that a change process consists of – and maybe you will even recognize some of these steps from your own job and workplace. We also hope that the game will make you want to talk to your colleagues about the things you recognize – or the things that you might realize by playing ActeeChange game scenarios.

    Click here to see all our 'ready-to-use' game scenarios.

    If you get a taste for learning with gamification, it is even possible to develop your own customized games on our platform.