Games for ActeeCommunication

    What do I gain?
    Before future pilots are allowed to transport real passengers, they have to train for thousands of hours in a flight simulator. They have to practice flying in a fictional storm, manage communication with the control tower and practice staying on course. Consider ActeeCommunication your flight-simulator when it comes to training your stakeholder communication. Do not fret if you crash a few times during the playthrough – practice makes perfect. Based on the reactions from your stakeholders, you will improve your sense of which communication styles are relevant in which situations.

    The ActeeCommunication games provides insight as to how different communication styles affect stakeholders in different situations. It is worthwhile to notice, that the styles can either work with you, or against you, depending on the situation. Maybe you already recognize some of this from your own workplace. We hope that the game sparks your curiosity and that you discuss the learnings with your colleagues.

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