ActeeCommunication: Manage dialogue with multiple stakeholders

Do you work in the public sector and hold a position where you communicate with many different people? ActeeCommunication is an educational game which gives you first-hand experience about how different styles of communication can positively (or negatively) affect dialogue-based work.

The communication styles are based on Daniel Goleman’s theory about the correlation between leadership style, personal leadership competencies, organizational results, employee welfare and service.

ActeeCommunication (formerly known as PublicProfessional) is a conversation-based tool that enhances awareness for professionals who work with multiple stakeholders and have to delicately balance the interests of the public, customers, politicians and regulators. It helps participants explore new communication techniques and improves their analytical skills in regards to their own performance.

ActeeCommunication also explores influencing skills to improve the motivation of independent stakeholders, over whom the professionals may not have any direct or formal control.

How Does It Work ?

Introduction to the ActeeCommunication simulation.