ActeeLeadership: Self-Knowledge Makes Better Leaders

Are you an authoritative or visionary leader? Learn more about yourself and your leadership style with ActeeLeadership, formerly known as 6styles.

Educational Game for Leadership Development

ActeeLeadership is an educational game for professional leadership development, which has become an important tool for continuous management development in many organizations worldwide. It is based on Daniel Goleman’s theory about Emotional Intelligence and refers to six different leadership styles. The theory is applied in a relatable story and works as an easy-to-understand computer-based simulation with reflection sparking challenges.

Work with Your Leadership Repetoire 

ActeeLeadership helps managers to work with their leadership repertoire. The game provides self-awareness of the effect of your personal leadership style, and how you engage in your work environment. Furthermore, the game is relevant in learning processes with include colleague and peer feedback.

How Does It Work ?

A Short Video About the ActeeLeadership Simulation