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Online Change Management in Leadership Development.

Learn With Simulation Games – Just Like Deutsche Telekom.


Deutsche Telekom applies Actee change simulation as a part of their change management training for leaders.

"As the concept of the training is based on Kotter's 8-Step Change Model, the simulation allows our leaders to check In, practice new knowledge and explore the consequences of own decisions in a safe environment. This is what the modern, experience-based development programs are all about as well as what is expected by the learners!"


Online Sessions

What Deutsche Telekom finds even more important, is that the Actee game-simulations and tools are accessible and can be used in 100% online workshops as well as face to face.  

 “It was so easy for me to switch the training from F2F to the virtual classroom. Although at the beginning there was a resistance to attending online change management training - as our leaders had a lot of doubts if they really can benefit from online training - the feedback from participants exceeds my expectations. Based on the participant's feedback I can clearly confirm that online change simulation is one of the advantages of the training. Based on my experience as well as feedback from our leaders, I can highly recommend change simulation from Actee.”  


Justyna Rozmysłowska-Wize

 HRD Expert at T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom