Learn With Card Games

Cards is a game for self-reflection and discussions; more specifically on one's focus areas, bias’s, communications and strengths.

The Basics

Cards is an interactive game that ultimately provides you with a personal profile. It works by switching cards between one another until you have 12 cards in your hand.

The cards statements should comply with your view of yourself. The personal profile will provide you with information on how you operate based on the theory applied.

Cards can be designed to fit any given theory and is therefore extremely relevant as a support activity.

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The Game Board

You choose a theory and make relevant cards – each card has a statement on it connecting it to a specific style. Participants do not yet know the theoretical connection, but only have the statements to go on.

You choose 12 cards and switch with teammates to collect the cards that best suit you. The cards in the end will create a theoretical personal profile.

The Theories

The platform has a large, varied and continually growing catalogue of previously applied theories, which you to choose from for your own games.

Why is it continually growing? Because you can add in any theory you can possibly imagine!

Design Your Own Game

All you need for this is a vision. You can find that by asking yourself: ‘what do need to improve, optimize, alter or prepare for?’

You then select your board, your theories, and create your cases, options and movements! Easy peasy – what are you waiting for?

Ways To Play

There are many ways to play – the sky is the limit. However, we recommend these set-ups:

Team-Challenge allows you to play in teams and discuss your choices.

Battle-Mode allows you to compete against your colleagues.

Single-Player allows you to immerse yourself into the case.

How To Play The Cards Game

Initially, you choose x cards – cards hold relevant statements - you pick the cards that best reflect yourself. There will be some that fit better than others….

You then switch cards with your team – giving away what doesn’t fit your profile and receiving what does. This opens a dialogue of how you and others see yourself. Each card will be connected to a theory, and your end cards will reveal a personal profile.

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Host View

Facilitate your sessions with a complete overview of your participants' actions. Compare their choices and start an enriching and educational discussion, where multiple perspectives are voiced, and a common course of action is reached jointly.

Data Module

Gather data from your games and analyze patterns to gain insights about your organization, processes or developments.

This data might very well indicate what focus your next game should dive into.

Learning Journey

Spice up your sessions with multiple engaging and educational co-activities!

Why not create a Quiz for a status check, or use Cards as an icebreaker for the more difficult topics? Or motivate your participants’ eagerness to learn by tracking their progress on a live gameboard.

The Toolbox

The toolbox is where you find extra tools for your learning processes. These tools include a high level of interactions, further engaging the learner in multiple aspects and methods.

Having 1 game is great! But more interaction and engagement through different practices increases the absorption of knowledge and keeps the learning curve exponential.

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Personal Profile

After each game, you will receive a personal profile based on the theories at play in your session. This is a fantastic way for you to reflect on your practices, learn, and improve your competencies and skills. Or to align your teams’ mindsets.

Play Modes

There are 3 possible playing modes, single-player, battle mode and team challenge. Each one offers a different learning process – do you want your participants to deeply immerse themselves? Or to compete and play under pressure? Or to discuss their viewpoints and come to a common agreement?

Shuffle Those Cards

Take it for a ride – it’s fabulous, free, fast and fun!

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