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Join the movement of changing the world using games - become part of a global network of facilitators, trainers, consultants, coaches and L&D experts using games as part of the learning toolbox.

Be the Actee´vist

Our certified network play games in business sectors across the globe where they facilitate and co-create engaging game-based learning. The typical facilitators work or consult within organizational people development in all sectors including universities and all levels.

Are you interested in adding a gaming tool to your toolbox to create high-value learning and development processes with your customers or internally in your organization - then a certification might be of interest to you? 

After the certification we will give you access to be displayed with a quality badge on our web page illustrating you have the basic knowledge to use Actee games as part of your toolbox.

Sign up for the self-study certification – or sign a group up for a live certification (at least 8 participants):

The Self Study Certification
Become the Actee'vist you always wanted

This programme will help you get started as an Actee facilitator by taking you through the following topics:


Session 1: The basic stuff

Session 2: The platform, sessions, and games

Session 3: Getting participants in

Session 4: How to use the host view

Session 5: Other Tools at Actee

(Price: 595€ per seat)


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Facilitated certification (only groups)
Become A Certified Actee'vist

Sign your group up for a tech setup and a 2-day facilitated workshop


Tech Setup - Homework

Module 1 (setting up a game) - Homework

Module 2 (facilitation options in your session)

(Group price: 4800€)


Contact Actee to sign up your group!

Actee Events!

Partner Day
December 2023 1 day Language: English Price:No Price See More
Game builder introduction Masterclass
Check See More 2 Sessions (5 hours in total) Language: English Price:Sold out Fully booked
Actee Events
Every last Tuesday of the month Language: English Price:Free Actee Events

The Actee Certification

Self Study Certification (Video based)
Anytime 5 sessions Language: English Price:595€ See More

Certified Consultants

Become A Certified Consultant

You gain the right to flash the ‘Certified Consultant Partner’ badge when you have participated in the certification courses.

This certificate means that you can facilitate and drive learning and development processes with Actee games and tools in your organization or with customers. 

Access to Actee-related services

- Able to facilitate and run sessions with others

- Can work as superuser/subscription owner with access to a customized subscription

- Access to the consultant toolbox, including facilitation guides

- + 50 detailed Scripts books

- + 50 Theory .ppt files

- And a lot more background support material for your learning design process.

- Yearly free facilitator session at Actee.

NOTE: the certification is not including focus on theories but will focus on getting you ready to use games in your learning design. 

If you want to read about the theories imbedded in some of the popularly games - get this book:

The Cycle of Change – Create Organizational Impact through Online Games

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