Smart Learning Games For Your Consultancy

Take your consultancy to the next level of customer engagement by introducing fun and involving workplace learning tools. 

Use pre-designed games to drive engaging sessions - or design customized games with our Game Builder to fulfil the specific needs of the organization you are advising. Make complex theories stick and build a bridge from training sessions to practical reality. Build your games and collect your data to guide your clients on the next move they need to make. 

Types of Partnerships

Actee Partners:

Certified partners are consultants using Actee as part of the service towards clients. Sometimes the client already works with Actee sometimes the partner introduces Actee. The process is the same for all and we prefer our partners to service all clients since Actee only sells the software. 

When you are certified you get access to be displayed on Actee as a certified partner: 

Read about and sign up for the certification here:    

Actee Partners can also be companies working with Actee tools and games in learning design with clients. 

You can start your own subscription and get displayed on our partner site, to show clients you are able to work with Actee.

Get started here.


What Is A 'Company Subscription'?

A Company Subscription with an active subscription gives access to a range of learning games including user licenses and tools. A Company Subscription works as your work platform for creating learning activities. As a company, you can decide who can design and use your hub. The hub is a white label, which means that you can customize the hub for the specific company brand and needs. A Company Subscription gives access to user statistics on a behavioral level where the data is segmented into groups and can be measured against other groups or businesses in your field and industry - or other fields of interest. 

Collaborating With Customers

To grant access to a Company subscription you need to be invited in by a Superuser. This will often be the owner of the subscription.

It is a straightforward process that you will be guided through when designing your sessions.


Free Demo Games for ALL Users

Don´t forget it is free for all to create a user on Actee to try out our games. On Actee you will find a display of games, that we have picked out to try on a free demo account.

Enjoy the ride and let´s change the world through workplace learning together!   


Create your own account to get started. 

Or book a live demo directly to get you started now:

Related Tools

Every development has a life cycle. Actee Cycle makes it easy to mimic, track, understand and map out any project in game format.

The goal of the cycle is to get both your mission and your stakeholders across the finish line successfully with minimal resistance.

Barometer Games

Actee Barometer ensures an overview of your business goal process whilst signifying cultural insights. Attention to results is equally important as attention to the work climate.

Bubble Games

Every decision you make has a number of advantages and disadvantages. So how do you make the right decision? Via Bubbles, you can simulate the case and set up relevant assessment elements that will help you identify the right cause of action.