3 hour online game session

Spend 3 hours on a game-session to have a fun and engaging process 100% online. As a consultant you can choose any game you like, but go for a short 3 hour game-session fitting a half a day workshop. Facilitation guides and script books for your session are found when you design your session.

The 1 hour game session

This session is a short one-hour program. Play the team-lead when lock down or getting back to office after COVID19. Here you use a short game and let participants play in groups (team challenge)- or in battle mode (all VS all). The participants are having fun and learning at the same time. Players get a personal leadership profile. You get the group leadership profile. You get to announce a winner.

Run your own championship

We have great success with engaging users around the world on our Leadership E-games https://actee.com/global-landing/ But we encourage our partners and subscription holders to do the internal championships. it works great as reinforcement, pre work or simple as activities supporting other activities in the company


- A game (see the suggestion of game) Games are to be found here: https://actee.com/games/ 


- Create your free subscription to start the process of making a session or create you session directly from one of the games above. - Use the email templates in the pdf file  

- A champ picture you can use


- Please note you can use your own games