Welcome To Our GDPR Overview

We have updated and checked our GPDR compliance, and we are all good.  

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Links To Our Policies

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Data Policy

Cookie Policy



Links To PDF Versions Of Our Terms

At Actee we ask the user/player who registers with an email to sign:  


"Terms of Use" (for normal players who choose to enter an email)  

The Terms of use have now been updated to the latest standards and we have added the Data projection agreement to the signing process. This means players are signing at the same time as you sign the Terms of use. This process is to ensure we are compliant to handle your email as the only personal information we ask for at Actee. If you don’t want to add any email players can choose to play as guests without adding the email.  


Data protecting agreement” 

States how we handle your email and how we handle Microsoft as our cloud provider on the server side.  


"Terms of Subscription"  

Which is for users who create a subscription and our customers who buy a subscription. 

This has not been changed but contains information related to creating games and having a subscription.  


GDPR slides”  

This is an overview of the information floating at Actee.  



List of sub-processors of data from Actee


Transfer Impact Assessment

Also called a TIA is the agreement between Microsoft as our only sub-processor and Actee


If you have any questions, please let us know.  

The Legal Actee´vist  


Terms of Use

Terms of Subscription

Data Protection Agreement (Actee is Data Processor)

GDPR Slides (Server Setup, 3rd party vendors and more)


Transfer Impact Assessment