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€ 0
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  • Access to free games 
  • 1 Superuser  
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€ 3.300
Paid yearly - Cost per session € 330
  • 10 game sessions per year
  • Max users per year 100
  • 5 Superuser
  • Open for all domains 
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Enterprise UnlimitedPopular
€ 11.940
Paid yearly unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited game session per year
  • Unlimited users per year
  • Unlimited superuser
  • Locked for company domains 
  • Access to all tools 
  • Access to data ++
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Features Free Engagement Pro Company
Number of game sessions / year* - 10 30 Unlimited
Number of max users per year - 100 300 Unlimited
Superusers/Admin control 1 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Free games Some Some Some Some
Player engagement Free Engagement Pro Company
Personal game profile
Create profiles in games
Access existing theory profiles - -
Battle Mode games -
Team challenge game mode -
Ready games and Tools Free Engagement Pro Company
Edit your Quiz -
Card game
Edit your Card Games -
Circle games
Bobbel Games
Barometer Games
Game Builder function Free Engagement Pro Company
Create you own games function - -
Public games access
Translate you own games - -
Adding Theory to games and tools - -
System (LMS functionalities) Free Engagement Pro Company
Data module profiles - -
Benchmark data on profiles - -
User stat -
Sub toolbox Setup - -
Open for all domains domains (e.g. Company) -
All users can create sessions -
All superusers can create sessions
Guest user option
Registration control -
White-Label Setup Free Engagement Pro Company
Add your logo -
Customize platform colors - -
Add picture in header - -
Facilitation tools Free Engagement Pro Company
Host view
Group profile view - -
Facilitation guides -
Facilitation resources scripts If certified If certified If certified If certified
Personal player profiles view -
Visuality Free Engagement Pro Company
Display you company on Actee homepage
Publish games to public space - -
Partner with World leadership E- games - -
Support Free Engagement Pro Company
Free support (open office hours)
Priority support - -

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