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Join our mission to change the world through workplace learning. We open a world of knowledge sharing on a global scale. We work with serious games developed for our simulation gaming platform, which you can combine with a range of productive tools to design learning processes and games to fit your needs, ambition and objectives.

Collaborate with our + 2000 global partner network, if you want to create motivation and learning with a lasting impact. Or do it yourself ..... it's free.

Gain access to a digital learning universe of powerful tools that support internal development programs all over the world for successful soft-skill organizational development in a fun way. 

"Based on the participant's feedback I can clearly confirm that online change simulation is one of the advantages of the training. Based on my experience as well as feedback from our leaders, I can highly recommend change simulation from Actee.” 

Justyna Rozmysłowska-Wize 

HRD Expert at T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom 


The Actee Story

At Actee, we have specialized in workplace learning games targeting organizational development since 2010. At that time Actee was called Relation Technologies.

Back then we played around with games (Mindsetter, Changesetter, 6styles, public professional) and found games very effective as learning tools. We designed games online including theories and models used by the companies. Already back in 2010 we started our global network extension and onboarded some of our strong partners from Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. 

Leif Sørensen the Founder of Actee wanted more, to be able to create a more dynamic approach to learning. This influenced how the online game as a product works, we needed to be much more collaborative and including as a game platform. To live this dream we needed a strong group of people interested in tech and interested in global expansion.        

In 2016 we onboarded a strong investor group with knowledge and power allowing us to make the shift from a successful consultancy business working with games to becoming a 100% platform-based business. Since 2018 we have only focused on selling access to Actee as a platform & developing our global partner network of consultants bringing Actee to life with their clients.   


Strong Collaborative Culture

We engage with universities, consulting firms and end-users in a transparent price model, us only being paid for access to Actee. In our everyday work life in Roskilde (Denmark), we develop, deliver and support the use of Actee. To us, collaboration means developing our wide range of tools with you to ensure we are meeting our client's demands. It is then combined and designed to fit perfectly to your needs. 

Everything we do at Actee today is centred around motivation for creating better results - we believe it to be a simple fact of life - that learning is much more effective when we are really engaged and involved.


We believe that the combination of YOUR context and OUR tools is the perfect combination for creating optimal conditions and better results! 


So, would you like to try a new way to motivate your participants in your L&D practices? We can provide you with the platform which enables you to:

- Design activity-based learning - build your own games before a workshop

- Explore different simulation games and engaging tools to use during a session

- Access to reinforcing learning activities before, during and after a facilitation

As a user of Actee, you can design and facilitate your own learning activities, but if you’d like a helping hand, we cooperate with a global network of +2.000 skilled consultants and facilitators to who we can introduce you. 

Check out our network here.

Check out clients using Actee here.

Check out the universities we work with here.

If you are interested in working with gamification for better workplace learning, you can get started right away with our 'ready to use' games.

If you get a taste for learning with gamification, you can go on to develop your own customized games using our platform. 


The Sustainable way of becoming a caring company 

At Actee we believe in the world changing for the better and we take our contribution seriously. It has been reflected in a lot of activities at Actee here is a brief list:


The green acceptance model:

We have engaged in the green agenda by developing the green acceptance model. This model can be incorporated as part of any game used at Actee. Read more here.


We eat green at the lunch table.

Every day our lunch contains primarily vegan food and fish.


We never fly….and try to avoid physical meetings.


The code of conduct.

Our way of working has been anchored in a “code of conduct”  quiz allowing us to share and discuss internally and externally with partners and clients. You might want to test the quiz yourself.

Click here to play The Code of Conduct game.


The partner day:

We host a yearly partner day to connect and co-create our tool together with our users. The partner day is now held online since we don’t think we can ask people to fly to join—the same with speakers.


Gender equality

We have created games and quizzes to support the gender agenda.


If you think we can do more, we like to know.

Related tools

Every development has a life cycle. Actee Cycle makes it easy to mimic, track, understand and map out any project in game format.

The goal of the cycle is to get both your mission and your stakeholders across the finish line successfully with minimal resistance.

Barometer Games

Actee Barometer ensures an overview of your business goal process whilst signifying cultural insights. Attention to results is equally important as attention to the work climate.

Bubble Games

Every decision you make has a number of advantages and disadvantages. So how do you make the right decision? Via Bubbles, you can simulate the case and set up relevant assessment elements that will help you identify the right cause of action.