OUT NOW- the new round of The World Leadership E-Games Championship has begun!

Compete to become the world champion of leadership e-games by tackling the game Onboarding Alex: A Colleague with Different Functional Abilities.

Experience onboarding and retaining a diverse workforce while managing a special needs employee with autism. Get feedback from Alex, Actee, and the system to learn how to effectively communicate and lead.

Improve your skills in diversity, inclusion, well-being, and management.

Are you up for the challenge?


This year's championship game follows the experience of Alex, an employee with autism, at Actee. Players receive feedback from Alex, Actee, and the system based on their choices.

The game aims to provide insight into the thoughts and actions of employees with diverse functional capabilities.

Previous Championship

The latest winner of the World Leadership E-Games Championship

Anders Schroll - Working with leadership and communication at his newly founded consultancy ASSOCIATE.