Change Management

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The new school reform has put change on the agenda for everyone with relation to schools. Both teachers, pupils, parents and municipalities. With that as a starting point, Actee facilitated a 4-hour workshop for 87 headmasters in Aalborg Municipality. The dialogues had a high pace and right from the start the participants had many reflections on change management.

ActeeChange platforms were introduced: A 2,5 x 2,5 metres floorboard, a coaching board for the desk and a simulator, which made sure that the teachers were presented with different options to involve their own personal experiences with change management. They also gained insight into various theories about how change affects both people and organizations. This setting provided a high degree of complexity.

The focal point of the workshop was to give the headmasters more knowledge about how people react to change and how it affects their motivation. In addition, the workshop provided the headmasters with tools to help drive the change they were in charge of. By playing a case in the ActeeChange-simulator, the headmasters were faced with realistic leadership dilemmas, which would help prepare them to plan their own change process.

The realistic leadership scenarios created both confusion, relief, learning, dialogues, reflections – and most important – lots of laughter and excitement.


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