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"I participated in an ActeeChange training with a group in Oslo. We went through the basics of the game, which was very interesting because even on a high level we are talking very differently about how changes should work in an organization. This made me interested to see how the rest of our leaders in Accountor would respond to the training. This was how it started for us. Thus, we had an international session in our group in Utrecht, NL with participants from Denmark, Finland, Russia and The Netherlands."

A Discussion Generator

"The game really works as a discussion generator. Even though the game in itself is relatively simple, it really makes people think and discuss in order to reach the best solution … and then it’s amazing to see the outcome and to experience the surprise on people’s faces when they see the results in the game of what worked and what didn’t."

An Eye-opener

"We could have spent at least a day more just discussing “why does this happen?” and “why do we as leaders think that something will happen when we are actually creating something completely different?” When you think about it and reflect on what happens in the game it’s kind of self-explanatory, because as a leader you suddenly get a new understanding of why people react to your decisions as they do. In this way, ActeeChange is a true eye-opener."


A Good Tool For Change Management

In the process of working on a corporate standard when it comes to change management, ActeeChange is a good tool. We have taken it to the highest level in our organization and we are drilling it down. We are defining an Accountor-way of changing things, and here ActeeChange helps us to achieve the basic understanding of what is required in a change process:

“What happens when you begin to change something? How do people respond to a change? How can you influence people to understand the changes and make it clear that we are changing things for the good?”

Fits Our Way Of Working

Actee has designed a customized case for us that really fits our way of working here in Accountor. Furthermore, we have only experienced good service from Actee. Our last facilitation was run by Leif Sørensen (CEO), who is a great facilitator, and it is evident that he is passionate about the game and change management.


Guido Wellig
Managing Director
Accountor NL

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