Public Sector Gamification

Learn with a simulation game – just like Kjersti Hatlevoll

Kjersti and Agenda Kaupang has been working with Actee for a few years now and they have a high degree of experience with facilitating Actee games in the public sector in Norway. In this short interview, Kjersti explains how they have been using Actee games, what feedback they get, and how to make sure that your course becomes as interesting as possible. You can contact Kjersti if you would like to know more about her experiences with Actee as part of Agenda Kaupang.

Kjersti Hatlevoll Explains What The Actee Partnership Means

Obviously, Kjersti has a lot of interesting things to say about Actee games. The most important statements from the interview are:

- Actee provides a quick way of acquiring complicated insights

- We always get great feedback on Actee games

- Actee is constantly developing and the progress makes the partnership very smooth


Watch the shortened interview here.


Watch the full interview here:



Kjersti Hatlevoll 
Senior Advisor
Agenda Kaupang AS