Transforming Leadership Training at Air Liquide University

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A Collaboration with Implement and Actee


Air Liquide, a renowned company in the chemicals, health care, and engineering industry, recognized the importance of cultivating practical leadership skills within their organization. To meet this objective, they established the Air Liquide University campus, a dedicated space for leadership training. Air Liquide engaged external partners like Implement to enhance their training programs as part of their comprehensive approach.

Air Liquide University

Air Liquide University serves as a hub for leadership development, offering a range of programs and resources to equip employees with the necessary skills for success. The campus provides a conducive environment for learning and growth, facilitating impactful training sessions.

Collaboration with Implement

To augment its leadership training initiatives, Air Liquide partnered with Implement, a reputable consulting firm. This collaboration allowed Air Liquide to tap into Implement's expertise in leadership development and leverage its proven methodologies. Implement's involvement ensured a comprehensive and tailored approach to addressing Air Liquide's training needs.

Introducing Actee

In their quest for high-quality and engaging training experiences, Air Liquide turned to Actee, a renowned provider of gamified and interactive learning solutions. Actee's approach aligned perfectly with Air Liquide's vision of delivering impactful and immersive training programs.

Outcome and Benefits

By choosing Actee, Air Liquide University achieved remarkable outcomes. The Actee platform provided a high-quality stamp to the training programs, offering an engaging and interactive learning environment. The gamified nature of Actee's solutions heightened participant involvement and improved knowledge retention. This resulted in a more qualitative and effective learning experience for Air Liquide's leaders.

Future Plans

Building on its success with Actee, Air Liquide University aspires to expand its internal certification programs. They are considering the development of a game focused on supply chain management, leveraging Actee's expertise in creating tailored learning solutions. This strategic move reflects Air Liquide's commitment to continuous improvement and the use of innovative methods to address its training needs.

In summary, Air Liquide University's collaboration with Implement and Actee has revolutionized leadership training within the organization. By creating an engaging and gamified learning experience, Air Liquide has successfully enhanced its leadership development initiatives, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the company.