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We have trained our Level 2 managers in change management with the help of a range of tools including ActeeChange. The game has given these managers a much greater understanding of the human reaction patterns that they encounter among employees throughout the massive change process Aller Media is currently undergoing and will continue to undergo in future. The Level 2 managers have been given the tools to view resistance from a leadership perspective and have gained the insight that employee reactions are natural and that they should not be taken personally.

Positive Feedback

ActeeChange has especially made Level 2 managers conscious of the stages of change, resistance levels, and the character traits of various types of people. The managers have learned methods of how to act and react during the change process, and the ActeeChange terminology has become part of our everyday working language. The Level 2 managers find it easier to share the reactions they encounter among the employees and to reflect upon the resistance levels they find themselves experiencing.

Easily Relatable To Our Daily Work

The ActeeChange concept works well. It’s a complicated game performed in a simple way, and the Level 2 managers have come away with a range of useful tools. We have used the generic ActeeChange model, and it suits our enterprise because the game is so relatable to our daily work. All three HR partners at Aller have been certified to use ActeeChange and have had a good experience with the game. We would, therefore, like to introduce the game to middle management and have decided to make it a part of our middle management training.

Focus On Our Needs

We have a great working relationship with Actee. The enterprise is highly service-orientated, they are focused on our needs and they are very good at what they do. We have had only positive feedback from the participants, so we are extremely satisfied with the outcome.

John Bay


Aller Media

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