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In Ängelholms Municipality they have used ActeeChange as an important tool in a two-year-long competency development project, where 120 managers participated. The following evaluation showed that 94,7 per cent of the managers were satisfied or very satisfied with ActeeChange. Making ActeeChange the best-rated training tool in the project.

“The managers found ActeeChange to be fun and important at the same time. They learned how to handle a change and gained new important skills in regard to our new agile way of working. It gives the participants both a mindset and skills to work with change,” says Cecilia Nelander Olsson, Project Manager Agila Ängelholm.

Better & Broader Learning

Ängelholm Municipality also had some of their frontline employees who work directly with citizens, such as the Customer Services department, play ActeeChange. This gave them insight into the theories and knowledge about what to expect when being part of a change process. ActeeChange presented a brand-new way of learning, which had not been tried in Ängelholm Municipality before. Especially concerning one element.

“You learn better if you have fun at the same time, and this is a big benefit of working with the ActeeChange game,” says Cecilia Nelander Olsson, Project Manager Agila Ängelholm.


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