Bestseller's Customized Actee Games and Floorboard Design

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Bestseller, a leading fashion company known for its innovative approaches, embarked on a journey to enhance its organizational development strategies. Recognizing the significance of addressing challenges related to culture, competencies, leadership development, conflicts, and strategic development, Bestseller sought to integrate these aspects into their organizational culture effectively. Additionally, the company aimed to implement a comprehensive IT Service Management Strategy (ITSM Strategy) to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.


The Initiative:

To address these multifaceted challenges comprehensively, Bestseller opted to utilize the Actee platform, a renowned tool for organizational development and change management. Leveraging Actee's capabilities, Bestseller took a proactive approach by designing not one, but two customized business games tailored to its specific needs.


Customized Business Games:

Bestseller's first step involved designing an original business game focusing on the challenges identified, including culture, competencies, leadership development, conflicts, and strategic development. Drawing inspiration from Actee's Destination CRM change game, Bestseller crafted a unique simulation that mirrored the complexities and dynamics of their organizational landscape.


The goal of this customized game was twofold: firstly, to raise awareness among employees about the critical areas requiring attention, and secondly, to foster a deeper understanding of the changes associated with implementing the ITSM Strategy. By gamifying these concepts, Bestseller aimed to engage employees actively in the learning process and encourage collaborative problem-solving.


Floorboard Design:

In addition to developing customized business games, Bestseller demonstrated its commitment to organizational development by investing in a bespoke floorboard design. The floorboard, adorned with Bestseller's distinctive branding and design elements, served as a tangible representation of the company's dedication to fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth.


Outcomes and Impact:

The introduction of the customized Actee games and the personalized floorboard design yielded significant positive outcomes for Bestseller:


Enhanced Employee Engagement: The gamification of organizational challenges facilitated greater employee engagement, encouraging participation and collaboration across teams.


Improved Understanding of ITSM Strategy: Employees gained a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in implementing the ITSM Strategy, leading to smoother adoption and integration of the new framework.


Cultural Transformation: The customized games served as catalysts for cultural transformation within Bestseller, fostering a shared understanding of organizational goals and values.


Visual Representation of Commitment: The bespoke floorboard design symbolized Bestseller's commitment to organizational development, serving as a visual reminder of the company's dedication to continuous improvement.



Through the innovative utilization of Actee's platform, Bestseller successfully addressed key organizational challenges while driving cultural transformation and promoting employee engagement. By designing customized business games and investing in a personalized floorboard design, Bestseller demonstrated its proactive approach to organizational development, setting a benchmark for excellence in the fashion industry.