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I have been very satisfied cooperating with Actee. They were able to understand focus points from my reality and intertwine these with the online simulator. Actee shared their theoretical knowledge concerning psychological insights and I received a reasonable offer that matched the budget of my clients.

The strength of ActeeCommunication is that it can reach deep into organizational processes, whether these are simple or complex. You can apply the framework to many different places and situations. ActeeCommunication initially applies to simple issues, which helps open up the discussion and later helps participants articulate deeper processes and dynamics of the organization. There are many layers that can push the thought process of participants throughout the game.

Participants quickly pick up on the game and are provided with the ability to characterize a decision as a frame setting or tell each other that “now you are acting orange”. The learnings are acquired in an engaging and entertaining fashion that lets the participants get to know the different leadership styles. To me, the cases represent an investment that others can benefit from.


Anders Madsen

Leader of a group home & consultant of development of quality within social work


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