Let's Learn and Co-Create Value Together

Let's Learn and Co-Create Value Together

Our learning concepts are used by many international companies as well as public organizations and educational institutions. For about 10 years, we have been the leading provider of simulated learning games and tools for training within organizational and leadership development, change communication and change processes.
In this way, we are bringing practical, action-based knowledge to education, and introducing essential theory into everyday practice at the workplace, where our hub facilitates comprehensive learning programs and organizational transitions with our partners and users.

What is 'a hub'?

An Actee hub is a subscription including user-licenses and tools. It works as your learning creation working platform. As a company, you can decide who can design and use your hub. The hub is white label, which makes it possible to make it your own. It includes user statistics on a behavioural level where the data is segmented into groups and can be measured against other groups or businesses in your field and industry. Or you can choose to compare to another industry if you like.       

The Admin module is for as many users in your business or the consultancy as you need.

We believe it should be up to you whether you will use external resources or internal consultants. It is all up to you.

You are completely free to build your own games and to create your own learning designs within your hub.
The price depends on the number of users. Remember a user must be a person with a valid email.

When you have the number of participants and tools needed in the learning design you will have two ways to pay.


-You have paid and set up the hub your self.

You can get help from us by contacting Actee or from the consultant company you like to work with.

See the prices here.

-You might be a client who already has a subscription with us. If this is the case you can just start adding the tools to your design and do not think of the payment since this is taken care of.

But to work with on a hub you need to be granted access to the hub. This is done by asking another superuser or the hub (subscription owner). Drop us a mail if you need more info.

It is a simple process and you are guided through the process when you design the learning process. Don´t forget it is free and we do not charge before someone is getting value out of the use of Actee.

Enjoy the ride and let´s change the world through workplace learning.


Here are a few links to get you started:

An overview of our games. Feel free to play a couple of games.

Take a look at our partners who have extensive experience in the use of our games.

Learn how simple it is to create a session with the games and tools you will need What is the SessionBuilder?.

Decide what plan you want to be on (or your client) PRICES AND SUBSCRIPTION PLANS.

see how simple it is to start a session (workshop, online session, e-learning session or..) How can I join a Session?.

Best of luck and remember we are here to help, chat directly with us from the chat on this page.

Or hit our FAQ in the upper right menu.


We highly treasure our clients and consultant partners - and we see the great value of customer reach and engagement that arises when our partners bring our learning games and tools with them as part of their service.


Let´s get you going in a smooth way. Contact our support HERE.