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  • Name:
    „The New Leader“ – from Theory to Practice
  • Date:
    see www.t4mg.com
  • Days:
    4 hours
  • Language::
  • Location:
    Zoom online meeting
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„The New Leader“ – from Theory to Practice

4-hour online course for leadership trainers / coaches / consultants

In an exciting online course we you will get to know more details regarding the theory that is embedded in one of the most popular ActeeLeadership cases „The New Leader“, understand the drivers of the game and learn how to design courses that stick. 

Theory background

  • You will understand the background of Daniel Goleman’s 6 leadership styles
  • You will get to know the basics of Emotional Intelligence


Faciliating ActeeLeadership courses

  • Design online courses with insightful exercises
  • Develop reflection questions to make insights stick


Understanding the simulation game in more detail

  • Get an insight into the GameBuilder
  • Understand the engine behind the simulation
  • Understand how the options, result texts, stakeholder comments and theories drive the simulation game

450 Euro

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Platform:          Zoom

Participants:      4 – 10

Language:         English

Link to t4mg who is hosting this course