The Actee Certification - Self-study version

Participate in our Online Actee Certification to become ready for Facilitation of an online game concept.

Participants will get 
- A certificate as a certified Actee consultant
- Access to a network of other certified Actee'vist from all over the world
- Practice on how to use online games in your services
- Access to the certified resource folder including design, guides and theory materials
- Access to engaging digital tools you can use 100% online or as face-to-face exercises
- Familiarize with the use of online and digital tools as a consultant
- The option to customize and design your own games 
- Training how to log on participants
- Ready to create sessions and understand the modules available to the subscription
- Practice with the game modes and relate this to the learning design
- The ability to use the facilitation materials
- Design sessions (choosing games on time, theme and theory)  

Look below to find the certification dates that suit you!



This certification is divided into five distinct sessions.

Session 1: The basic stuff.

Session 2: The platform, sessions, and games.

Session 3: Getting participants in.

Session 4: How to use the host view.

Session 5: Other Tools at Actee.


Each session has a defined topic, and you will be guided through the process by a virtual facilitator. Each session contains a number of modules that must be clicked in the order to see them all.

For each session, you will find:


An introduction to the session (overview), containing the information about the exercises and an overview of the topics you are going to learn. This document will also contain an explanation of the keywords you will be facing in the process.


Instruction videos (we recommend you to repeat them), where a trusted partner of ours explains the platform, games, tools, game modes, and everything else you need to know about.


Exercises (connected to introduction video), that will help you put the learnings from the videos to good use. This is meant as a reinforcement tool for your learnings and they must be completed to move on. The exercises can be found in the overview but will also appear as separate modules (You can download them).


A quiz (play and check), is made as a fun wrap-up of the session you are currently in.


Click here to see who already have the certification www.actee.com/partners
If you want to dig deeper into our tool or a specific game our cool partners offer theory workshops allowing you to dig deeper into areas like; facilitation, change theories, profiles, game-building, leadership theories, and a lot more. See The Virtual Lab section for planned sessions from our partners.